England & Manchester!

One of my favourite places that I love to travel around is my own home country of England. There are so many different cities that are worth visiting within the country, and I know some of my readers are from the United Kingdom, so I hope you all comment on where you are from and what the landmarks are around your parts! One of the better places that I have seen in the country of England would have to be London. With all the amazing landmarks and things to see and do, it is hard to suggest a better city in the south of England.

However, if I was to pick the best place you could visit in England, I would have to say Manchester. Manchester is my city of birth and I have lived here my whole live. It is by far the best place that you could visit if you are looking for somewhere a bit north. If you are thinking of travelling to England, I would suggest saying hello to some of the Mancs up here. There are also two amazing football clubs in the city in United and City, so if you are a football fan I would reckon you should check out a match for either team!

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Anyways, I hope you are all okay, and make sure to keep in touch with us here! Make sure to read some of the blogs that I have managed to post in the past, and make sure to stick around for many more in the future!


Here at Alsace, I have managed to visit many beautiful countries throughout the years. However, the only difference between me and the name of the blog is that I haven’t always been able to go to these countries in absolute luxury. One of the most amazing places that I was able to visit throughout the years was Thailand. Thailand was a long trip away from my own home, and the expensiveness of visiting the whole of the Asia area meant that through countries such as Thailand and Laos etc, I had to be somewhat more frugal with my expenses. This was not necessarily a bad thing in a country such as Thailand, because it means you can afford to be a bit more adventurous and explore more of the country this way.

There are so many smaller places to stay within Thailand, and mostly every village has hotel or place that you can stay in for a cheap price. There are many villages and towns that you would also be passing through or visiting within the way, and these smaller hotels and places to stay make it that much easier throughout your trip. The more interesting thing about these many places to stay are how nice the villages and hotels are. They are not luxury within the name or within the building itself, but the actual places themselves are really inviting and comforting. They can be so fun to stay in, and I had a blast myself when staying in some of these hotels.

The main beauty of Thailand however comes from the many different temples in the area. There are so many temples in the area, and while some are somewhat basic and relatively old without amazing beauty, there are many grand temples that look like they are built using silver and gold. They look extremely exquisite, and many of the temples are clearly hundreds of years old but look so well maintained that you could also assume they were built a year ago. Some of them are of such luxury and design, that they could be wonders of the world. What is even more amazing about some of the temples are the artworks and designs inside them. They have been designs with mosaic tiles that depict many myths and legends throughout history, and they are as amazing as you could imagine when picturing what they may look like.

Another aspect that makes Thailand itself such a beautiful place to visit and beautiful as a country are the many amazing natural land wonders built throughout the years. There are so many amazing waterfalls and mountains that had been created itself, and there are many beaches to truly see how beautiful the ocean can be. Many of the cities have been built to make the most of the beauty within the poverty itself, which may sound flippant or somewhat crass, but is genuinely meant. A city like Bangkok would be the perfect example of this, as there are many places within the city itself that looks beautiful, especially the riverfront of the city itself.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post about Thailand. I want to discuss England in my next post because there are so many beautiful places to visit within the country itself. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and make sure to read some of the future posts too!

Little Wales!


A country that is vary rarely if ever talked about for its natural beauty and landscape is the country of Wales, just off the western land of England. Wales is one of those countries that is seemingly forgotten by the rest of Europe and the western world, much like many of the countries in Africa and Asia. I am unsure why it is, but I do believe it has something to do with the lack of impact or sizable force compared to the rest of Europe such as Germany and England itself. Wales does not have any major landmarks like Rome or Venice, nor does the country itself have a large man power or economical strength. Instead, it is just a small country that is trying to keep its own citizens happy while those within the country itself are content in where they live.

Wales is a beautiful place of you are the type who simply enjoys the countryside and earthly surroundings. There are no amazing waterfalls or rivers that span miles, nor are there massive mountains. Instead, most of the land is relatively flat and grassy, and the first thing people picture while thinking of Wales is the sheep and the lamb in a field. That is quite close to the country itself, while not being completely accurate for obvious reasons. The country itself is not spectacular for the reasons you may think other countries are such as the cities or wonders that you cannot see anywhere else. In fact, you could see the same wonders in many other countries around the world. The difference is miniscule, but when you are standing within that field, you know why.

The general earthliness and some could say muckiness of the country itself is half of the reason why the country has its own unique beauty. If you have ever travelled cross country through Wales, one of the things you pick up on very quickly is just how wet and misty it can be most times of the year. This is not necessarily a bad thing however. When you are there, you really feel that you are breathing in the country air, and the country itself is very calming depending on where you are visiting. Every city within the country has its own unique style and while they do seem more modern than you may expect, they have still managed to keep to their own roots.

One of the more interesting things about Wales is the weather. It is not a tropical island but rather more like Scotland. It is very wet and windy most times throughout the year, and it can get very cold depending on where you are living. The defining thing about the weather itself however is how much it helps keep the look of the land, while also helping extremely with the decorations that are handmade. Many flowers and plants that are grown by home owners within the country see a steady dosage of water and sun, meaning that if you are an avid gardener or a green thumb, then Wales makes your life much easier when it comes to maintaining your fauna and flora.

While I would love to go into more detail about Wales, I feel it is one of those countries that you really must immerse yourself in to truly understand the natural beauty. I suggest anyone who has yet to visit Wales to go and see how amazing it truly is for yourself. I hope you enjoyed todays post, and make sure to check out some of the other posts I have made!


One of my favourite places that I have ever had the luxury of travelling to was Italy. While it is a large country in comparison to the rest of the European Union, the country itself is not very populated. The overall population of Italy does not match the size of the country itself, but it was still one of the nicest countries I have had the pleasure of visiting. I will give as a somewhat sad disclaimer, that my ex-partner who I had travelled with to Italy had experienced some racial abuse at the time, and there was a definite case of uneasiness around some of the locals of the country. This had not dampened her experience however, and during and after the trip she was fine with the treatment of her by most of the people in the country itself.

One of the nicest places that I had visited in Italy was Florence, which is also the city that I first began my trip in. Florence was the first city that I wanted to visit because it was a city that I have always wanted to see, and wanted to spend the most time in. Looking back on it, Florence was by far the most beautiful city within the country itself in my opinion. I felt that it had everything you could want from a city, from the beautiful greenery scattered around the city to the sculptures and decorations that were hand made. I also think that the food within the city was the best in the whole country, with the worst food coming from Rome by far.

Speaking of Rome, the most disappointing thing about the city of Rome was how touristy it had become. The whole city was clearly built around the famous landmarks of the city, and the restaurants and shops really highlighted that fact. The city feels like it had become an imitation of itself at some point. The whole city was clearly designed to take advantage of the tourist status as much as possible, and really damages the integrity of the city itself. Imagine visiting a city where 90% of the restaurants are cheap imitations of the foods created by the city and the country it is situated in, with most shops being a simple souvenir shop and offering very little substance. That is practically what Rome was like during my visit there, and it was an underwhelming visit.

I will say that the very little I saw of Pisa, it was a very pleasant city. I only visited Pisa for a day because I was travelling cross-country and it happened to be on the way to the seaside, but the city itself was lovely. The people were very friendly, the food was very good and the city itself was very beautiful. I also visited the city on what was a very good weather day, and the direct sunlight along the white buildings really brought the town to life in a way that may not be realistic throughout the rest of the year.

Overall, Italy was a beautiful country and looking back I have very little to no complaints. I have visited any countries and cities throughout my life so far, and I have to say that the country of Italy had some of the most beautiful cities and best people. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and make sure to check our some more in the future!

Luxury travel guide!

The key to the blog of Alsace Luxury Guide is to show my readers the many different travel locations around the world, and some of the things many travellers may miss throughout the years. Whether it be a case of a lack of awareness for some of these landmarks, or a lack of desire to visit the landmarks or countries they reside in, I want to go into some detail about these many locations. There are so many different countries in the world and so many different cities and villages throughout the world, and most people throughout the world are never going to see these places. The animals, buildings, grass or sand, the many lakes and rivers and even seas that most people will not see throughout the world is almost depressing to think about.

One of my favourite regions to visit both for the many villages and landmarks throughout the area is Asia. Specifically, I like to visit the area called the “Golden Triangle”. There are many different ruins, statues and even natural landmarks that have been created throughout the years that I love to visit, no matter how many times I have seen it. I love the landscape of the golden triangle, especially Thailand. The whole country is of Asian culture, but it also seems like there is such a western influence within the country due to the expats and extensive tourism within the country itself. Throughout visiting the country, it feels clear that all residents are aware that it is just a tourist attraction for most who visit, and due to living in poverty, they do all they can to take advantage of the situation and try to make as much money as possible for it.

Another country that I love to visit but for completely different reasons is the Democratic Republic of Congo. This may sound like a weird pick for most, and I can see why it is, but there is something in specific that I love about the DR Congo. Every year, you will see the most extensive lightning storm throughout the world. One day I would love to understand the science and history as to why, but the lightning storm that is caused is amazing. For many, you can see why it would be terrifying too. Lightning is strangely a natural phenomenon that I have always loved both as a kid and as an adult, because every year it manages to have some type of thunder and lightning storm, no matter where in the world I am at.

Finally, the country I will always love the most and I still think has a lot to be seen is England. England has everything that there is to offer being a cultural melting pot of the world, especially London. London is one of the biggest cities in the world, and it certainly feels that way once you are there. London is an amazing place, and there are so many different parts of the city that you can visit that has had impact due to the culture of the area itself. This usually means the emigrants that had settled within the area. There are areas that are specific to eastern Europeans, some for north Africa, and so on. This is something I find very cool, and it also means that if you are from London, you will experience a natural affluence to other cultures. Also, make sure to check out some future posts if you can!